Slow and Steady

Many of you might wonder — 'what is The Sloth? And why am I getting this email?' First of all, rest assured that this is not a spam trying to get your attention with the baby sloth gifs (although, who doesn't like the baby sloth gifs?) This is the first ever newsletter of The Sloth that could have never been, so thank you for trusting me with your email address.


The Sloth began as an idea from the hackathon last year, with an ambitious mission of wanting to help women build a wardrobe of her dreams. It was a bumpy road with lots of ups and downs, but I am finally here at the official start line! So thank you for making this a worthwhile ride for me. I hope The Sloth grows into the brand that deserves your love and attention. It will take a while, but hey, slow and steady wins the race, right?


                                      Oh hey, here's a photo of baby sloth sleeping...

Sizing Chart
France 34 36 38 40
U.K. 6 8 10 12